Arizona Old Time Fiddlers' Association
Yuma's Territorial Chapter

Southwest Arizona's Original Old Time Fiddlers' association and the only one dedicated to the preservation and promotion of
Old Time Fiddling in accordance with the objectives of the
State and National Old Time Fiddlers' associations.

The Arizona Old Time Fiddlers Association is a non-profit organization whose objective is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the art of old time fiddling, to encourage all people, young and old, to develop their musical talents and afford them opportunities to perform in public, to hold jam sessions and other musical events, for the members own enjoyment and to educate the public on the values of old time fiddling. And to brighten and improve the lives of "shut-ins" and other needy people, by furnishing musical entertainment and performing other charitable, civic and community services.

Our History: Yuma's Territorial chapter of The Arizona Old Time Fiddlers' Association was started in 1999. The original members included Dennis Russell, Forrest Wolgamot, Jim Whitesell, Frank Pennock, Gene Cox, Delwin Anderson, Fuey Herring, Bertie Elliot Bob "Red Eagle" Colvin and Ben Lawler. They started it in order to encourage folks to take up the fiddle and so they would be able to find other folks interested in playing together and preserving this wonderful fiddle style. It wasn't long before they were playing and known all around town at public and private events. The chapter has in the past been the home of several great old time fiddlers of both younger and advanced age, but none the less advanced skills and some of the best young fiddlers in the region.

Please join us for our jams and feel free to contact us if you are interested in hiring us, playing with us or just finding out more about Old Time Fiddling!

For more information please contact Dan Levenson
Please put YumaOTF in the subject line.

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Officers for 2014

President - Dennis Russell
Vice President - Val Andreason
Secretary/Treasurer -

Yuma's Old Time Fiddlers play at Lettuce Days 2013

Arizona Old Time Fiddlers' Association
Yuma's Territorial Chapter and
The Yuma Jaycees present the:

39th Annual Worthen Memorial Fiddle Contest

2015 Contest Winners

Tentative dates for the 40th Annual Worthen Memorial Fiddle Contest

January 8 — 10, 2016 !!!

Arrival starting Tuesday January 5

Weekend officially begins with Open Stage Jam Friday January 8 (Sign up at the door)
There will also be an open stage jam, Saturday evening
Public welcome!

Saturday and Sunday January 9 & 10 - Contests Starts with Jr. Jr. division at 10AM and continues through Sunday!

Location: Yuma Jaycees Clubhouse; 2577 E. County 14th St; Yuma, AZ

Judges this year to be determined

All events to be held at the Yuma Jaycees Clubhouse; 2577 E. County 14th St; Yuma, AZ

Small admission fee each day



Upcoming Public Performances and Jams

First and Third Tuesdays

3-5 pm

Jam performance - a round robin of our fiddlers and friends
Yuma Library - Foothills
13226 E. Frontage Rd.
Foothills Rd. Exit off I-8
Second Sundays
2-4 PM
Jam Performance - a round robin of our fiddlers and friends

Lynda Vista RV Park
2900 W 5th Street

Second Tuesdays

3-5 pm

Starting Dec. 9

Jam Performance - a round robin of our fiddlers and friends

Main Branch
Yuma Public Library
2951 S. 21st Drive

Last Tuesday each month

10:30 - 11:30 am

Jam Performance - a round robin of our fiddlers and friends

Senior Nutritional Center
121 E. 1st Street

Last Sunday each month

2-4 PM

Jam Performance - a round robin of our fiddlers and friends Catalina Square
3000 Catalina Drive
January 9 - 11, 2015 Worthen Memorial Fiddle Contest More info
February 5-8, 2015 Ajo Old Time Fiddlers Contest - Thursday Night Show - Friday & Saturday Night Dance - Saturday & Sunday Contest beginning at 10:30 AM - Dry RV Parking for a fee - Restaurant & Bar AJO, AZ
Ajo Country Club
77 Mead Drive
email Greg Burton:
or call Linda at

December 12, 2014

President's Welcome.

I want to welcome back all of our winter visitor members, and hope you feel warm and cozy this year in the southwest. I've just seen some photos of homes of people in Buffalo New York, I cant imagine being snowed in that bad, but my wife is from Michigan and said some times it is so bad that you have to make a tunnel from door to driveway, but anyways it doesn’t snow here “Yet”! One year it was so cold that it froze one side of a lot of trees, citrus groves were the hardest hit. 

I know that there are lots of events going on here this time of year, and sometimes people can't decide what to do next! Our members get tugged this way and that to participate in so many things. I would hope that all of our performing members choose to support the fiddlers and come out to give a heck of a show to our audiences.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year…………………………………..

Dennis  Russell President of Territorial chapter AOTFA


Regular (recurring) Monthly dates
Through April

First AND Third Tuesdays 3-5
at The Foothills Library Jam Performance
Foothills Branch of the Yuma Public Library
13226 E. South Frontage Road

Second Tuesdays 3-5
The MAIN Library Jam Performance
at the Main Branch of the Yuma Public Library
2951 S. 21st Drive

Second Sundays 2-4
Jam Performance
at the Linda Vista RV Park
2900 W 5th Street

Last Tuesdays 10:30 - 11:30 AM
Jam Performance
through May
at the Senior Nutritional Center
160 E. 1st St.

Last Sunday 2-4
Jam Performance

at Catallina Square
Catalina Apartments
3000 Catalina Drive

Acoustic stringed instruments only

Guests musicians are welcome on a space available basic but
please consider joining our organization.

--- Must be a member to be guaranteed a spot in the lineup! ---

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